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Site Focus

The focus is finding and using your foresight in practice to inform the design of foresight processes. Foresight is our cognitive capacity to imagine possible futures. Futures Studies is the field in which we apply our foresight. Futures are the multiple images of possible futures available to us in the present. The posts emerge from my practice and aim to provide you with enough information to use your foresight and find your futures in the present.


Each article is published in a post and tagged with a category (see below). Some articles are short, some are a bit longer. Some are text only, some have videos.

Articles start with a brief overview and might or might not end with a final comment with my view on the content. Links to move to new/old posts are at the bottom of each page. The site, though, is still a work in progress.

The Posts

The posts are mainly informational in nature, although I sometimes include a reflection about my experience and lessons learned. Some are written in more of a formal style and others are less formal. I include links to resources I cite as often as possible and list additional resources at the bottom of a post if that’s useful.

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Add your questions, thoughts and ideas to each post in the Comments section - remember, in futures work, there's no such thing as a silly question or idea.


A category list is provided below. The categories are broad areas of interest, with posts covering a different topic about that category.

I like to think it’s a dynamic list in the sense that we can add to it or change it to suit your needs and interests. I can’t promise I can write on all topics but I’ll do my best!

About Foresight
Background knowledge: definitions/terminology, history, links with neuroscience, the power of worldviews, and a word about predictions.

Conversations about Futures
The new framework under development to integrate our inner and outer worlds in the design of foresight processes.

Foresight in Practice
Exploring how to design and use open, inclusive and useful foresight processes.

Foresight Methods
Overviews of major foresight methods - being developed, more posts to come.

Getting Started with Foresight
How to find your own foresight capacity and how to begin to use foresight approaches in your work. Some first steps and lessons learned from my practice and research.

Imagining Futures
Exploring our worldviews and the assumptions that shape how we think about futures.

What I’m Writing

Evaluating Foresight
Foresight Methods (more specific methods)
Regenerative Thinking
Theories underpinning Foresight and Futures

If you have any questions at any time, don't forget you can get in touch at any time.

Maree Conway
Foresight Futures
Melbourne, Australia